We keep books according to the standards of the Polish Accounting Act, according to German HGB or according to IFRS – for Polish and foreign entities.

We keep books in the way that enables us, at a reasonable cost and effort, to get the most accurate economic (management) information possible. Each subsequent accounting period (usually a month) is closed with a report tailored to the client’s needs, including the Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and a set of additional management information (e.g. profitability of projects, cost statements by cost centres). On request, we discuss client reports (preferred form – video conference). For communication and transmission of documents we use a proven system of recognition and archiving of scanned documents – cooperating with the IT system we use. This system (Saldeo) not only greatly facilitates the flow of information between the client and the accountant, but also allows the originals to be safely kept under the client’s control with simultaneous constant customer insight into the documents submitted to the system (and their descriptions) and provides possibilities of searching documents according to given criteria, quick checking of contractors (VAT registration), quick projections of VAT flows.